Jessie James Decker Partners With Colombian Shoe Company KAANAS For New Shoe Line

These shoes are beautiful and handmade.

Jessie James Decker Partners With Colombian Shoe Company KAANAS For New Shoe Line
Jessie James Decker; Photo courtesy of KAANAS

Jessie James Decker is expanding her presence in the fashion industry by partnering with Colombia-based shoe company, KAANAS, for a new line of footwear. The new collaboration features various styles of sandals, sneakers and heels, and each piece was personally designed by Decker along with KAANAS founders and sisters Liliana and Natalia Acevedo. To add to that already personal touch, each shoe is also hand made by local artisans in Colombia. Decker saw this process firsthand when she visited the KAANAS headquarters in Barranquilla, Colombia to create the collection.

“This isn’t just some shoe company where they have a big old factory that’s just a bunch of machines building all these shoes,” Decker shared with Sounds Like Nashville. “These are handmade shoes. Every single shoe has had a process with these incredible people that are in Barranquilla that have been in their family business for years. They’re made with love, and so I got to see that process and meet their parents. It’s been a family business ever since they were kids, and so it was amazing to see what inspired their vision and their aesthetic.”

When designing the shoes, Decker and the KAANAS founders made a point to infuse that unique Colombian style, but Decker also took inspiration from her favorite places, like Destin, Florida, in the designs. Most of all, the singer-turned-entrepreneur wanted to make sure the shoes were stylish, affordable and perfect for everyday wear. A standout item is the Luzon Gold heel, a pair Decker especially enjoys wearing.

“I wanted to make sure it had my touch on it, but I also wanted to make sure that it embodied what KAANAS is, so we made them really practical,” said Decker. “They’re slides that are easy to toss on when you’re going to a pool party, slides when you’re done working out to throw on. We have the Luzon strappy gold heels, which I fell in love with because, obviously, I’m short and they make me look taller and they elongate my leg, but also they were so comfortable and my feet didn’t hurt once. There’s a lot of earthy tones and I just fell madly in love with all these colors and designs together.”

The KAANAS collab adds yet another layer to Decker’s growing presence in the apparel and skincare industry. She also has her Nashville-based shop, Kittenish, which offers clothing, cosmetics and a brand new swimwear line. On top of her business ventures, Decker is still actively making music, and hopes to release new songs, followed by a full album, soon.

“I’m working on new music every single day,” she said. “We are almost finished with this album. It has been a minute, I think COVID kind of put a little bit of a halt [on it], but we are adapting to the situation and I think we are almost ready to put this new music out.”

Check out Decker’s full line of KAANAS shoes here. They are also available at Revolve, Madewell and Nordstrom.