Jimmie Allen Delivers a Red-Hot Rumba on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Find out what his wife thought of the dance, and Allen's plans for next week's routine.

Written by Chris Parton
Jimmie Allen Delivers a Red-Hot Rumba on ‘Dancing With the Stars’
Jimmie Allen; Photo credit: John Shearer

He’s only two weeks into his time on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, but country singer Jimmie Allen has already turned some heads with the red-hot rumba he performed. … Including his wife’s.

Chatting with Audacy’s Rob + Holly about his wife Alexis’ reaction to the saucy performance, which saw Allen and pro dancer Emma Slater spinning and dipping to his own “Make Me Want To,” the rising hit maker said luckily, he and Alexis are on the same page.

“She’s great, she understands that it’s just dance,” Allen explained. “I have a movie role coming up where I have to kiss a girl and she’s OK with it. I feel like when you start dating someone and you’re in entertainment and they’re not in that business, you have to be open and honest from the beginning.”

Watching from home with the rest of America, Alexis is currently pregnant with the couple’s second child, and she got to see her husband make a big improvement on the popular show. The dancing duo started out with a tango last week, and ended up scoring five points higher with their rumba. That was enough to keep Jimmie Allen on the show for another week, as his mirrorball-trophy hopes live on. But next week will be another hurdle.

That show will find the dancers and celebs honoring pop superstar Brittney Spears with routines based around her iconic hit songs, and Allen says he and Emma will perform a salsa. Check it out Monday at 8 pm ET on ABC when Dancing With the Stars returns.