Jimmy Wayne Gets Locked In His Bus!

Jimmy Wayne Gets Locked In His Bus!

Jimmy Wayne always seems to get stuck in some pretty crazy situations. Remember when he ended up standing in the airport in his underwear or when he helped move furniture at a casino he was playing at because it was flooding? Well this time, Jimmy got locked on his tour bus!

Just about a minute before he was supposed to take the stage in Ft. Walton Beach, FL Jimmy walked to the bus door to make his way to the stage and it wouldn’t open. The door was jammed!

“I went to the front door on the bus to walk off and go inside the venue, and the bus door wouldn’t open,” Jimmy told The Tennessean. “I thought it was just stuck, so I messed with it a few minutes and realized I wasn’t getting off the bus. It was pretty easy to go jump out of the window, but the bus has lights under the window and if you tear one of those lights off it’s a repair.”

He made it on stage about 20 minutes late after escaping the bus through a window.

“I was stressed out, because I never like to be late going on stage,” he said. “I’m just glad it didn’t happen on the Paisley tour! (Jimmy will be opening for Brad Paisley this summer.) I would have had to dive out of that window, but I would have been thinking it was one of Brad’s pranks.”

Of course it was all caught on tape! Check it out:

PS: We LOVE that Jimmy took the time to “Tweet” while he was waiting to get off the bus! He’s very active on his Twitter, be sure to follow him!