Joe Nichols Dishes on the ‘Sexiest Song’ He’s Ever Recorded

“It’s kind of a sexy song. I think it’s one of the sexiest songs we’ve ever done, really," Joe Nichols tells Sounds Like Nashville of "Undone."

Written by Chuck Dauphin
Joe Nichols Dishes on the ‘Sexiest Song’ He’s Ever Recorded
Photo by Joseph Llanes

The new single from Joe Nichols, “Undone,” is sort of a departure for the traditional-based singer. Of the song, he tells Sounds Like Nashville “It’s kind of a sexy song. I think it’s one of the sexiest songs we’ve ever done, really. I’ve been meaning to do a song like this for several years,” he said. “It’s very intimate, and very private, and one-on-one. I guess you could say it’s a little suggestive in the chorus, maybe stripped down a little bit, but I think it leaves a lot to the imagination, as well.”

If “Undone” has the same kind of effect on the female demographic as many of the classics of Conway Twitty, Nichols would be very content. “I loved a lot of those records he did, and I know a lot of women did too. I think it definitely tries to be a little bit sexy.”

The singer has been performing the song at all of his summer dates, and he says it has gone over exceedingly well. Is there a difference in a festival date during the heat of summer or the coolness of fall and winter? “No,” he remarked. “It’s the same show. Maybe we have different outfits, but it’s the same kind of show. I don’t want anyone to ever feel like they have to suffer through any part of the show, so we just try to keep it as entertaining as we can for each minute. I think if I was a guy who was bored in 105-degree weather, I’d probably go home. It wouldn’t be worth it. We try to make sure there are dull moments, and that the fans are sitting out there for a reason.”

Nichols’ last album, Crickets, was released back in 2013. He knows fans have been asking for a while for new music. Perhaps by years’ end, their wait just might be over. “I think we may have something out by the end of this year, maybe. That’s what we’re shooting for. It all depends on how fast we can get everything mastered and packaged up, and we’re almost through with that process. The best case scenario is December, worst case would be January or February.”

Nichols says the new record will feature a few different styles. “There’s a couple of songs on the record like that, one in particular called ‘Breathless.’ It seems to be that there’s a good mix of directions on this. I know it’s not direction-less. I think we made an effort to do a few party songs that are made for the fair and the summer. We also tried to do the sexy stuff, and show an intimate side of me, as well as kick back and do some hardcore country stuff.”

Those traditional sounds are exactly what Nichols listens to on his own time – with a few wrinkles. “If I’m wanting to chill and listen to something on the airplane, I’ll listen to some George Jones, Merle Haggard, and George Strait. If I’m in a happy, get around town mode, I will listen to some Keith Whitley. Working out, I might listen to Alice in Chains or Outkast. I have some of those records.”

Nichols is also counting down the days until September 3, when his beloved Arkansas Razorbacks prepare for their opener against Louisiana Tech. When asked about some of his favorite memories of Arkansas football, he didn’t hesitate. There was a play in 2002 called “The Miracle On Markham” against LSU. “We were playing them in Little Rock, and on a last second play from Matt Jones to DeCori Birmingham. He caught it with one foot in the back of the end zone. It was such an unlikely play, but won the game, and put us in a good bowl,” he said with a smile.

Even the game in 2015 was very memorable. “This last year, Hunter Henry, our tight end, made a play that I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. It was 4th and 25, and we were down to Ole Miss. It was our last chance. The QB drops back and throws about a ten-yard pass, and the guy gets tackled – almost. But, he heaves the ball over his shoulder, and it bounces back to a guy who was fifteen yards behind him. So, basically, Alex Collins, picks it up at the 35, and takes it to the five for a first down. The Rebels crowd were celebrating because it looked like he has been tackled. We wound up scoring a touchdown, going for two, and won the game. Ole Miss was shocked.”

Nichols says he has tried to train his three children in the Razorback tradition, but says one of his children has ventured to the state just east of Arkansas. “They all three know the ‘Hog Call’, but my oldest daughter moved into Tennessee last week. It’s been bittersweet. She wants me to wear orange, but I don’t think I can. I think I would burst into flames,” he said with a laugh. “She knows the ‘Hog Call,’ and my two youngest ones do too. They’re not quite audibly right, but they’ve got time. So, it’s good.”