Jon Langston Finds Vulnerability in New Single, “Try Missing You”

Warning: this song will make you emotional!

Written by Kelly Brickey
Jon Langston Finds Vulnerability in New Single, “Try Missing You”
Jon Langston; Photo Credit: Eric Brown

It’s fair to say Jon Langston is a romantic at heart as he sent out his latest single, “Try Missing You,” to fans on Friday (July 9).

The slow and sweet song shows the conflict Langston faces of being in love with someone while also chasing his passion for his dream. He serenades that lucky person he cares for deeply despite being miles away with his focus on his career rather than his relationship. But Langston opens up about the struggles of living the dream while longing for the one you love every minute you’re away.

“’Try Missing You’ is more to me than just a song,” Langston explained recently. “It shows my heart and who I am. This song is my baby and I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to release it. It’s my favorite song I’ve ever released by far!” 

Langston co-wrote the track with Jody Stevens, and channeled his admiration for classic country in the vulnerable lyrics. His inspiration lied with the people he had to give a temporary goodbye to in his home state of Georgia when he left that life for a bigger one as an artist in the country music industry.

The country singer has come a long way through the past few years, when he launched into stardom in the genre with his single, “Forever Girl.” Since then, he has accomplished goal after goal with one of the biggest being that opening slot on Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour in 2017. His bond with Bryan came full circle when Langston became the first artist to sign to 32 Bridge Entertainment, Bryan’s very own label.

Currently, fans can catch the live version of “Try Missing You” and many other hits as Langston is on the road touring this summer. All of Langston’s tour dates are available to view on his official website.