Jon Pardi Hopes to Open ‘Tequila Little Time’ Bar Someday

Sounds like a good plan to me ...

Written by Chris Parton
Jon Pardi Hopes to Open ‘Tequila Little Time’ Bar Someday
Jon Pardi; Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros.

Country star Jon Pardi is sure hoping his latest single, “Tequila Little Time,” goes all the way to Number One. But the California native actually has even bigger dreams for the track.

Speaking with Audacy’s Rob and Holly for a recent radio interview, the honky tonk hit maker explained that he wants to open a bar named after the song — but he wouldn’t put it in Nashville, like so many of his country star pals. Instead, it would be on the beach, and the hook would be a big dock for big boats.

“If we did do a bar… I don’t want it to be in Nashville. I want it to be in Florida and I want to be able to pull big boats up to it. That’s the dream,” he said. “Come dock your boat, you get off and you come ‘Tequila Little Time.’”

That’s actually not such a crazy idea, since stars from Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan to Blake Shelton and even Alan Jackson have had success lending their names to popular bar/restaurants. And then of course there’s Jimmy Buffett, who’s Margaritaville chain basically launched the artist-bar phenomenon. But Pardi admits he’s still got a ways to go before he gets that popular, and in the meantime he’s taking part in another recent retail trend — launching his own Pardi Batch Whiskey. Plus, he’s got some music news to share as well.

While “Tequila Little Time” climbs the radio charts, Pardi says he’s gotten back to writing songs for a new project after taking about a year off, and hopes to release a new album this fall.

“After ‘Tequila Little Time’ hopefully goes all the way to the top, or wherever it lands [and] I’m happy with it, we’re going to have a new single off the next record,” he says. “Then we’re going to finish up the next record and hopefully, hopefully, it’ll be out by September.”