Jon Pardi Takes Over Downtown Nashville in New ‘Night Shift’ Video

Pardi took his sexy new single to the streets of downtown Nashville. 

Written by Lauren Laffer
Jon Pardi Takes Over Downtown Nashville in New ‘Night Shift’ Video
Jon Pardi; Photo Credit: Jim Wright

The bars on Lower Broadway may have closed for the night, but the lights are still blazing as Jon Pardi works the “Night Shift” in downtown Nashville. The California native took over the streets of downtown Nashville for the music video for his latest single, performing aboard a semi-tractor trailer with his band.

Shots of the famous Nashville skyline are shown throughout the clip, pieced together with video of Pardi and his crew playing the night away.

The track shows a new side to the country crooner, who admits he stepped outside of his comfort zone when it came to recording the mischievous tune.

“It’s definitely a new style for me to kind of deliver this real kind of sexy but cool and very – it’s got a good enough touch for a lady but also a strong enough kind of sense of songs for men to listen to, growing men, college kids. But it’s definitely a little bit of everything,” admitted Pardi. “But ‘Night Shift,’ I always say is the working man’s love song. He’s been working all day, he’s going to go work a night shift with his lady. And it’s just a fun idea of taking like a work term and making a love story out of it. And I loved the beat — ‘It’s been a wreck me week.’ It’s just a really strong – when you start singing you can just feel it. And it came out really good recorded and it’s one of my favorites.”

“Night Shift” is the fifth single from Pardi’s California Sunrise album, following “Head Over Boots,” “Dirt On My Boots,” “Heartache on the Dance Floor” and “She Ain’t In It.”