Jordan Davis Opens New Musical Chapter With Self-Titled EP

The new EP shows off Davis' growth since his debut, "Singles You Up."

Jordan Davis Opens New Musical Chapter With Self-Titled EP
Jordan Davis; Cover art courtesy of UMG Nashville

It’s been almost three full years since Jordan Davis introduced himself to the country world with his debut single “Singles You Up” and later with his debut album, Home State. Since then, Davis has gone from new artist and newlywed to hitmaker and father, and in his self-titled EP released on Friday, May 22nd, he aims to exhibit that growth.

“The release of Home State was a couple of months after I had just gotten married. I remember I left my honeymoon to go out on radio tour for ‘Singles You Up,’ so it just feels like forever ago,” says Davis in an exclusive interview with Sounds Like Nashville. “After a couple of years of marriage and now having a kiddo, I’m just in such a different spot and headspace.”

Davis kicks the off six-song project with his new single, “Almost Maybes,” a celebratory tune in which he is thankful for all the relationships that didn’t work that led him to his wife.

“I had some relationships that were pretty serious in the past and obviously they didn’t work out, and I was pretty shook up about them at the time, but now you kind of look back and thank the relationships that led you to where you’re at now,” he says.

A similar sentiment of being thankful for the mistakes and wrong turns is present in his track “Detours,” though it takes on a more emotional tone with relaxed production. Davis then continues to flex his songwriting skills with two uptempo tunes, “Ruin My Weekend” and “Little Lime,” both of which usher in feelings of good-time summer Saturday nights.

The Louisiana native takes listeners on a spiritual journey in the project’s second track, “Church In A Chevy,” and although Davis admits he’s never been much of a “truck guy,” the idea of being able to talk to God anywhere is one that rings true for him.

“It just resonated with me because I’m a firm believer that it’s not necessarily church on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights where I feel close to God,” he says. “Sometimes it’s getting by myself or in a fishing boat and just kind of being by myself.”

Davis closes out the EP with “Cool Anymore,” a collaboration with Julia Michaels. While the song tells the story of a couple urging one another to be themselves, Davis personally connects with the song for a different reason.

“I had this idea about being able to kind of turn off the music side especially now with a daughter and a wife,” he says. “I gotta come home at some point. I’m a dad first before I’m anything and I’m a husband after that. They don’t care if I sing songs or if I have sell-out shows or all that. I have other duties besides that.”

In addition to releasing his self-titled EP, Davis is working on his next full-length album and hopes to release it by the end of the year.