Listen to Jordan Davis’ Hot Debut Track, ‘Singles You Up’

Check out the country newcomer's hot new song now!

Listen to Jordan Davis’ Hot Debut Track, ‘Singles You Up’
Jordan Davis; Photo credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

Louisana-born country singer Jordan Davis is about to make a splash onto the country music scene with his debut single, “Singles You Up.” The up-beat tune follows a man hoping to catch the eye of a girl stuck in a relationship with another taking her for granted.

The track, co-written by Davis, Steven Dale Jones and Justin Ebach, came from a conversation the three had after Ebach had recently become engaged. Davis and Jones congratulated him, praising him for being smart enough to not “single her up.”

“I usually take forever to write songs but we wrote that one in about an hour and a half, and I just knew it was something, that it was a big song,” Davis told Sounds Like Nashville over the phone. “We actually played in Watershed that weekend, and Justin turned the demo around on it in two days, had it right back to us. Right when I got it, I sent it to the band guys and we put it in the set that weekend. We played it out at Watershed for the first time and the reaction from it was awesome, and here we are now. It’s a debut single.”

“Singles You Up” went over so well with Watershed fans that Davis kept it in his set and is now introducing himself to the country world with the tune. The opportunity to share his music with the world is something the newcomer is excited, but anxious, to finally do.

“I don’t think I’ve slept in a week. It’s this whole thing where I never thought I would have this opportunity. There’s just so much talent and you hope to come to Nashville and make your own way, however that looks. I feel like success is so different for a lot of people in town. This is one thing I never expected, but once I started on this path and once I saw that it was a possibility, I just kind of dove into it and put so much effort and hard work into this record, into the recording of it, to where now it’s like, you know, we started teasing and counting down the days until the release of it. Every day, I’m just like, ‘Holy smoke! I’m releasing my debut single.'”

“Singles You Up” hits country radio on June 5, but fans can pick up the track now on iTunes and listen on Spotify. Keep up with Jordan Davis through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or by visiting