Jordan Davis Shares Beardless Throwback Photo For Anniversary

He looks so different!

Jordan Davis Shares Beardless Throwback Photo For Anniversary
Jordan Davis; Photo credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

Jordan Davis and his wife Kristen celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary on Wednesday, March 26, and in honor of the occasion, Davis posted a throwback photo of the two of them. The photo shows the couple sitting at a picnic table looking a bit younger, but what is most noticeable is that Davis is missing his signature long beard and is sporting some short scruff instead.

“Today is our 3rd anniversary, and we’ve been digging through old photos,” he writes in the caption along with the photo. “Thought you guys might get a kick out of this.”

Fans were quick to notice the different look, as they shared their surprise in the comments. His beard has long been a talking point for Davis and his fans, as many ask if it’s even real.

“It’s definitely become a pretty big talking point, and I get a lot of questions if they can touch my beard,” he shared previously. “I don’t know if they want to see if it’s, I don’t know, maybe they don’t think it’s real. Let me go on record: This is 100% real, 100% my beard. I’ll always have a career path as being the mall Santa if this music thing doesn’t work out.” [laughs]

Jordan and Kristen were married in 2017 and welcomed their first child, Eloise, in November 2019. Last week, Davis celebrated Eloise’s 4 month birthday on St. Patrick’s Day with an Instagram post.

“Not playing shows isn’t fun, more time at home with this nugget is,” he wrote. “Don’t know how this one is already 4 months old.”