Jordan Davis Parks at Number One With ‘Slow Dance in a Parking Lot’

All three of his singles have topped the charts!

Written by Chris Parton
Jordan Davis Parks at Number One With ‘Slow Dance in a Parking Lot’
Jordan Davis; Photo credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

Jordan Davis is toasting more evidence of his breakout-star status, celebrating his third straight Number One with “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot.”

Having written the Gold-certified hit with Lonnie Fowler in 2015, Davis says the song is everything that country music is supposed to be. It appears on the lightning-spitting Louisianan’s debut album, Home State, and tells a tale so romantic it sounds too fantastic to be true. But surprise, surprise — the story is 100 percent real life.

“When Lonnie told me the story of that first date with his wife … he was taking her home from their college formal and didn’t want the night to end, so he pulled into a parking lot and put on Garth Brooks’ ‘She’s Every Woman’ and asked her for one last dance. I just thought ‘man, that captures everything country music is about right there,’” Davis says of the track, released as the third single of his career.

“Sharing the truth in three and a half minutes … that is what a good country song does. It is what we wanted to do with ‘Slow Dance,’ tell this real and honest love story. It’s been great to see that authenticity resonate with fans. From slow dancing at our shows to sharing their own videos on socials slow dancing in parking lots, they’ve really embraced it. Big thanks to Lonnie for letting me share his story and to the fans and country radio for their continued support. I couldn’t be more proud or thankful.”

Davis further explained the genesis of “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot” for Sounds Like Nashville in 2019, giving some deeper insight into his impressive rise to fame. All three of Davis’ career-starting singles have now topped the country radio charts, including “Singles You Up” and “Take It From Me.” The singer has also released non-single tracks like “Detours,” “Trouble Town” and “Cool Anymore” (featuring Julia Michaels).