Jordan Davis Recalls the ‘Rewarding’ Feeling of Making ‘Home State’

It took five years for his album to come into fruition, but Davis recounts the journey as a "fun" one.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Jordan Davis Recalls the ‘Rewarding’ Feeling of Making ‘Home State’
Jordan Davis; Photo courtesy MCA Nashville

Never did Jordan Davis ever think he’d be on the path to releasing an album when he packed up his things in Louisiana and ventured to the bright lights of Nashville.

Years ago, Davis left everything he knew for a dream in songwriting. Landing right where the magic happens in Music City, he found himself among the greatest talents that the industry had to offer and immersed himself in the creative culture surrounding him. The recording bug bit him hard along the way, which led him to making his debut record, Home State.

The process wasn’t an overnight production, though, as Davis devoted himself to every aspect of the development of his first lick onto the singing scene. Five years of growth brought him to sending out Home State to fans and friends alike, and he feels as though the journey was well worth it.

“I moved to town just to write songs. I never thought I’d be recording records. But I’ve always written kind of for myself. I’ve always wrote songs like, ‘What would I say and how would I say it and how would I sing it.’ I kind of started writing for a record, [but] I just didn’t know it. Two or three years down the line, I started realizing that making an album was a real possibility and then that kind of changed a little bit, but not much. I mean you know the writing, the way I wrote songs never really changed. I guess there’s just a different mindset when you go into write. It’s been a long five-year process. It’s been a fun one though. It’s been the most fun and one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. It’s just been cool,” Davis explained to Sounds Like Nashville recently.


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Davis still reflects back upon his upbringing though, and wanted to represent his story before he caught the dream with a personal track called “Leaving New Orleans.”

“‘Leaving New Orleans’ is the last song on the record,” said Davis. “And that one’s really special to me. I love New Orleans, [and] I’m just really proud of how we wrote it. And just the whole production of it, I just feel like we really captured what that song is. I would have to say that one is the baby of the record.”

Home State, Davis’ first-ever album, is available everywhere now.