Jordan Davis Shares Plans for Finding Out Baby’s Gender

He and wife Kristen will welcome their first child later this year.

Written by Chris Parton
Jordan Davis Shares Plans for Finding Out Baby’s Gender
Jordan Davis; Photo credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

“Singles You Up” and “Take It From Me” hit maker Jordan Davis filled reporters in on a few details surrounding he and his wife’s first pregnancy on Tuesday (July 30), looking like a proud papa already.

Speaking at Nashville’s Ruby event space as he celebrated his second No.1 hit (“Take It From Me”), the 31-year-old Louisiana native confirmed that he and wife Kristen will wait to find out baby Davis’ gender when he or she arrives later this year. And he also said that while he’s not a dad just yet, some adjustments have already been made.

“I found out the day we did Good Morning America,” Davis said. “I woke up that day to go to the studio, and [Kristen] came out of the bathroom and said ‘You wanna know something?’ I was like ‘What’s up?’ And she told me she was pregnant.

“Honestly, immediately after knowing that, a lot of stuff has changed,” he went on. “I still love music and I’m still working really hard on the second album, but that’s a pretty powerful statement that comes at you when you find out you’re gonna be a dad. I was really, really into music, really hard — probably kind of too hard. But now it’s been a good balance of stepping back and being like ‘Alright, now I need to focus just as hard on being a dad as I do on this next album.’ … Everybody around me knows there’s gonna be a little bit of change, but I still have a lot of things I want to do in my career with music, we’re just gonna bring a little kid along with it.”

Davis also joked that he did try to write a song about parenthood, but since he really doesn’t know what that’s like, “it wasn’t a good song.” Instead, he’s sticking to personal experience when he needs inspiration, and that’s coming from the way he feels about his wife right now.

“My wife is a rockstar,” he said. “How I look at me and Kristen’s relationship … just those couple of words — ‘you’re gonna be a dad’ — have changed my relationship with my wife. … I think when little guy or girl gets here, it’ll probably sink in and then some songs [about parenting] might come, but right now it’s just changed me and her relationship.”

Davis is currently working on the follow up to his impressive debut album, Home State, and he can be found throughout the summer on Rascal Flatts’ Summer Playlist Tour. His romantic single, “Slow Dance In a Parking Lot,” is out now.