How Jordan Davis’ ‘Slow Dance In A Parking Lot’ Inspired a New Love Story

'Slow Dance in a Parking Lot' laid the foundation for a new love story.

Written by Drew Pearce
How Jordan Davis’ ‘Slow Dance In A Parking Lot’ Inspired a New Love Story
Jordan Davis; Photo courtesy of Universal Music Group Nashville

Jordan Davis’ most recent single, “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot,” was based on a true story, and it has now inspired a new love story for another couple.

Meet Eden and Ryan, a young couple from Connecticut who first met in college and connected to the song’s story, which is a retelling of co-writer Lonnie Fowler and his wife’s first date. After giving her a ride home to her dorm one night, Ryan asked Eden out on a date, which led to more dates until the two got engaged.

After hearing “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot” for the first time, Ryan came up with the perfect plan to pop the question.

“What I came up with was try to recreate, as perfectly as possible, our entire first date, and then end up in the exact same parking lot in which we met,” he recalls.

In a perfectly laid plan by the groom-to-be, headlights shined brightly on the small lot as the pair got out of the car for him to finally propose.

“To hear that song just kind of felt like it was honoring where we had been,” Eden said. “It was really special.”

Thankfully, she said yes!

The happy couple also got the chance to meet Davis himself to learn about how the song was written, and they were treated to a backstage viewing of one of his performances.

“We try to write songs that become all-encompassing,” Davis shared about his and Fowler’s creative process. “Lonnie even said, ‘this song is so detailed and storied to what we did,’ and I remember telling him, ‘man, you’re not the only person who’s ever done that, so let’s write your story.’”

Singer then recalled insisting that someone else would come along and immediately relate to the song’s story. Enter Ryan and Eden, who perfectly fit Davis’ description.

Davis recently finished a stint as an opener for the European leg of Old Dominion’s Make It Sweet Tour, and will hit the road in January on his headlining Trouble Town Tour with Kassi Ashton and Hailey Whitters.