Jordan Rager’s New Single is ‘One of the Good Ones’ for Country Radio

Jordan Rager approached his next single with the help of some songwriting friends who gave him "One of the Good Ones."

Written by Kelly Brickey
Jordan Rager’s New Single is ‘One of the Good Ones’ for Country Radio
Jordan Rager; Photo courtesy of Marbaloo

When Jordan Rager thought about the next step in his country music journey, he knew he needed to release “One of the Good Ones” to keep a great rapport with his fans who got him this far.

The moment Rager heard his latest single in the demo days, he immediately jumped on the chance to cut it and called up his buddy to make sure they locked it in for him and him only. Falling in love with the rock-toned song more and more every day, Rager hopes “One of the Good Ones” becomes a staple in his catalogue.

“When I first heard it, I knew it had to be mine. I called Ross and asked him what they were doing with the song, and that I might be interested in doing something with it. He said ‘Sure, you can have it. If you want it, it’s all yours.’ So, we went in and cut it, and ever since the first day I’ve heard it, I’ve fallen in love with it more and more. I’m so excited for people to hear it. I’m really proud of the song,” Rager said to Sounds Like Nashville about the track.

Although Rager didn’t contribute his own lyrics to the song, it doesn’t take away any sense of meaning for the singer. In fact, it actually opens up another opportunity for Rager to follow the lead of his heroes and record whatever the best music is sent his way.

“I love writing songs, and I put a lot of heart into writing songs,” Rager explained. “My songs tell my story, so my story comes out in my writing. It’s cool when I play a song for my label, and they say that song has to be on there, and it’s one that I’ve written. But for me, it’s never been a case of having to write everything. I’ve always respected guys who didn’t write everything they recorded – or anything. Jason AldeanGeorge StraitTim McGraw. Those guys know a great song when they hear it. That’s how I want to be.”

Rager’s single, “One of the Good Ones,” is available to listen to at this time.