Justin Moore Launches ‘The Justin Moore Podcast’

Here's a new podcast for you to tune in to...

Justin Moore Launches ‘The Justin Moore Podcast’
Justin Moore; Photo credit: Cody Villalobos

Justin Moore hasn’t been able to tour during the COVID-19 pandemic, but he’s been staying busy at home working on another project. He is launching The Justin Moore Podcast, today, May 19th. The singer says starting a podcast has been on his mind for quite some time, and the extra time away from the road this year gave him the perfect opportunity to make that dream a reality.

“It’s something I’ve thought about doing for a long time, discussed it for a long time, and when this all happened and we were made to stop touring, I believe it was the first or second week of March, I’m kind of sitting around twiddling my thumbs, and my wife goes, ‘You gotta do something. You can’t just sit around here and play guitar all day long,’” says Justin in an exclusive interview with Sounds Like Nashville. “I thought, you know what, I’ve wanted to do this podcast for forever, and I’ve used the excuse, whether it was accurate or not, I’ve used the excuse that I didn’t have the time. Now I don’t have that excuse and let me put this into hyper speed.”

The first season of the podcast includes 15 episodes in which Moore will talk about subjects including his home life with his wife and four kids, as well as sports and music. He will also conduct interviews with other celebrities.

“We’ll talk about music, we’ll talk about sports, kind of what’s going on around my house, which is always crazy with four kids under 10 years old,” he says. “We got chickens and cows and horses and all that good stuff, so there’s always some craziness going on there.”

Not only will the podcast offer information and entertainment for listeners, but it will also allow fans to get to know who the singer is beyond the stage.

“[The fans] want more and more content now more than ever, and they want inside as to who I am as a human being rather than just an artist,” he says. “I can’t think of a better way to provide that insight than this right here.”

Courtesy of Justin Moore

“I think people who aren’t necessarily fans of my music will enjoy it also because it’s kind of got a little bit of everything,” he adds.

The Justin Moore Podcast is now available for free across all platforms, including iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.