Justin Moore Shares Holiday Plans and Hopes For the New Year

Moore has barely slowed down at all this year!

Written by Lauren Laffer
Justin Moore Shares Holiday Plans and Hopes For the New Year
Justin Moore; Photo credit: Cody Villalobos

Justin Moore is one of country music’s busiest creators. On top of keeping a busy tour schedule, the Arkansas native readily releases new music to fans and also balances a fulfilling home life with his wife and their four children.

His on-the-go schedule came to a screeching halt this year, however, but that didn’t keep Moore from creating. The singer started his own podcast, released a live album and is preparing for another record on the way.

Sounds Like Nashville caught up with Moore just ahead of the holidays to see what he’s got planned as the year winds down and what he’s excited for in the year ahead.

SLN: “We Didn’t Have Much” is the first single off your next album. What has the song meant to you throughout this year and with the upcoming holidays? Does it leave fans any hints at any themes for the new music? 

JM: “Yeah, the single is a special tune.  It’s always special when a song comes your way, in particular, in a time where it is so relevant to our world. For myself and my family, we have led a much simpler life this year. I think this song speaks to the beauty in that simplicity. As for what it reveals about the new album… more real, traditional country coming at you.”

SLN: Do you and your family have anything special planned for the holidays? 

JM: “Not a lot different for us this year in that department. We are always at home with family. Lots of presents for kids, lots of food, etc. Pretty low key. The only exception, is that we normally take a vacation over the new year’s holiday. That’s not something we are guaranteed to get to do this year.”

SLN: Any traditions or Christmas gifts from your childhood that are particularly special to you?

JM: “Man, I could go a lot of directions here, but it was probably my first gun — a single shot 20 gauge. The outdoors are still very important to me. I can’t wait to continue sharing the outdoors and the sport of hunting with my kids.”

SLN: You’ve had so many special guests and conversations on “The Justin Moore Podcast.” What has it been like to learn how to host your own podcast show? Do you think it’s something you’ll keep up when things return to normal?

JM: “It’s been a lot of fun. It’s allowed me the opportunity to catch up with friends of mine, that I’m accustomed to seeing on tour. In addition, I’ve chatted with folks that I didn’t know before. It’s always been the plan to continue it from the road. So, we shall see.”

SLN: How are you reflecting on this past year? What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

JM: “With both gratitude and sadness, honestly. I’ll always be thankful for having extra time with my family, but I’m sad about losing a year of doing what I love on the road and also all of those who’ve had their lives lost or affected by this virus. As for 2021, I look forward to (hopefully) returning to the road and the life rhythm that myself and my family are used to. It will be good for all of us.”