Justin Moore Discusses His Pre-Concert Wardrobe Routine

Justin Moore sticks to his classic pre-show ritual by changing out whatever shirt he's wearing in the moment for something new.

Justin Moore Discusses His Pre-Concert Wardrobe Routine
Justin Moore; Photo by J. Meyers

Fashion may not be the first things on Justin Moore’s mind at all times, but he constantly sticks to his shirt changing regimen before every single show.

Out of habit, Moore prepares for each live concert by switching up whatever top he put on during the day for something else in his wardrobe. While the singer admits to how strange his pre-show ritual actually is, he continually makes sure to go through that last-minute change rather than curse his performance confidence.

“This is gonna sound so strange, but I have OCD and the shirt that I put on at home, if Kate and are going to go buy groceries, I put a shirt on while were getting ready. I will always change to a different shirt before I leave. And so I’ll put a shirt on for meet and greet and I always change it before the show to another shirt.  And I may wear that shirt the next night at the show. It’s not that I don’t like the shirt it’s just, I’m a weirdo. I don’t consciously do this.  This is a subconscious thing. But I would guess that’s a ritual, even though it’s subconscious, and I don’t mean to, I just do,” Moore explained recently.

Thankfully, Moore keeps his outfits pretty simple, by pairing whichever shirt he selects with some worn jeans and his signature cowboy hat. Sometimes, he goes full-on with the country theme on his outfit by pairing boots to complete the look.

Moore has a few tour dates booked into his schedule for the summer, which fans can view on his official website.