Kacey Musgraves is Living Her Best Life in Japan

Musgraves called her Japan adventures "a mood."

Kacey Musgraves is Living Her Best Life in Japan
Kacey Musgraves; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Kacey Musgraves finally got the chance to live out one of her lifelong dreams with her trip to Japan and she’s taking fans along for the ride via Instagram.

The country star jetted across the world for a CD signing at Tower Records in Tokyo on Thursday (May 17) and has shared several incredible shots from her journey. It looks like Musgraves has found her happy place amongst the country’s stunning beauty, showing off all the colorful places and people she’s encountered along the way.

Check out some of the amazing snaps from Musgraves below:

Japan has been on Musgraves’ bucket list for a while and now that she’s finally made it there, she’s made it a point to immerse herself in the culture, like here where she shares two amazing photos following a geisha lesson where she learned the Japanese tradition of serving as a hostess. She also got to wear a traditional kimono, showing off the stunning creation that looks more like a painting than an article of clothing.

JAPAN IS SUCH A MOOD 😭💕#neverleaving

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In this series of shots, the “Follow Your Arrow” singer takes us on an adventure to the famous Yoyogi Park, takes a bubbly selfie inside a colorful candy shop and shows off Tokyo’s vibrant sense of fashion with a photo of two young women dressed head to toe in color. “JAPAN IS SUCH A MOOD,” she accurately writes.

Musgraves’ trip to Japan proves that country music knows no boundaries, especially when she and a group of Japanese dancers put together a simple and adorable dance number to her bouncy disco tune, “High Horse,” with the singer rocking her kimono. The dancers are all dressed in radiant, rainbow-colored outfits as they jam out to the groove. This all takes place at the Kawaii Monster Cafe, with the word “kawaii” used to describe items that are “cute” and “charming,” two words that perfectly fit the dreamlike scene Musgraves finds herself in.

safety chic 💅🏼

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Sometimes you’ll see people in Japan walking around in public places wearing surgical masks over their faces and it looks like Musgraves hopped on board the germ free train, starting her own trend of  “safety chic” in this sparkling photo that shows her donning a face mask, framing her face with bunny ears made of little pink flowers to match the adorable jeweled bow clips in her hair.

Based on these incredible photos, it’s evident that this trip will leave a lasting impact on the revered singer. “Japan has been at the top of my bucket list for as long as I can remember. It’s more than exceeding my expectations. Much respect,” she shares.

It looks like she’ll be able to relive the incredible experience in the very near future, announcing that she’ll return to the beautiful country for the Fuji Rock Festival that takes place July 27-29.