Kacey Musgraves Says It ‘Makes Sense’ for Her to Go on Tour with Harry Styles

Kacey Musgraves thinks her music and the sound of Harry Styles blends perfectly together for a dynamic summer tour.

Kacey Musgraves Says It ‘Makes Sense’ for Her to Go on Tour with Harry Styles
Kacey Musgraves; Photo credit: Kelly Sutton

When fans heard the news that Kacey Musgraves was hitting the road with pop star Harry Styles, it may have confused them on how those two could cross paths musically. Musgraves, though, thinks the tour collaboration will work just fine based on her fresh sound.

Musgraves released Golden Hour with the hopes to introduce a new version of country music to the platform with her synthesized instruments and love-inspired lyrics. Adding a touch of light to her original blunt sound, the singer created a different realm for her music to rest in and she feels as though that reflection matches the songwriter path Styles paved for himself as a solo artist for his debut.

“With the new path that I’m forging musically, I think it really makes sense for us to be on tour together. He’s leaned a little bit toward my side of the street, and I’ve leaned a little bit more toward his side of the street,” she said to Rolling Stone about the upcoming tour endeavor.

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At the same time, Musgraves didn’t want to lose sight of herself as a country artist and a fan of the traditional tunes she was raised on in Texas. The vibe of her latest release still holds true to herself at the heart of it all, and represents merely her growth within the genre rather than forming a distance away from what she knew all her life.

“It was a bit of a riddle to figure out in making sure that my spirit isn’t lost and also trying to find a new sound for me, because I am still so attached to the parts of country music that I love and that have gotten people familiar with me,” Musgraves explained. “I don’t need to pander around and try to make some random pop album just for the s*** of it.”

Golden Hour is available everywhere at this time.