Kalie Shorr Chronicles Her Artistic Conundrum In Autobiographical ‘My Voice’

For artists and anyone wondering where their uniquenness fits in, Kalie Shorr's new song is for you!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Kalie Shorr Chronicles Her Artistic Conundrum In Autobiographical ‘My Voice’
Kalie Shorr; Photo credit: Catherine Powell

Singer-songwriter Kalie Shorr has released her brand-new anthemic song, “My Voice.”

The tongue-in-cheek tune is equal parts pop-rock and country, and details Shorr’s unflagging decision to stay true to herself. In a business filled with critics and nay-sayers, she acknowledges it isn’t easy, but doesn’t waver in her stand.

Even though she’s “too rock for country [and] too country for punk,” the singer is proud of her “voice.”

“The only time I’m gonna be boxed in / Is when I’m six feet under in a coffin,” Shorr proclaims unabashedly on the autobiographical bridge. “Only over my dead body will I stop makin’ noise / So get used to the sound of my voice, ’cause I’m stickin’ around.”

“I never thought this song would see the light of day,” Shorr shares on Instagram. “I wrote it last year as a personal encouragement to myself a few days before I went into the studio to record Open Book. Now, a year later, so much has changed… but there’s some things that never will.”

“My Voice” was penned by follows the release of Shorr’s critically-acclaimed 2019 album, Open Book, The 13-track record, which she co-wrote, includes the songs “Alice In Wonderland” and the poignant yet powerful “Too Much Too Say.”

On December 4, Shorr will release an expanded version of the project titled Open Book: Unabridged featuring new tracks, video content and a fresh chapter to showcase her evolution. The collection will be issued by Shorr’s new record label, the NYC-based TMWRK Records.

Listen to “My Voice” on our New Nashville playlist below.