Kalie Shorr: Style Profile

The Open Book singer is one part glam, one part grunge.

Kalie Shorr: Style Profile
Kalie Shorr; Photo credit: Catherine Powell

Feminine and tough, Kalie Shorr’s look complements her music. Shorr’s not shy about rocking pastel-hued tulle dresses with studded combat boots or crossing genres in her music. She was recently featured on NPR Music’s top 20 songs of September. This winter, Shorr can be found on tour with LeAnn Rimes.

We caught up with the ambitious singer-songwriter to gab about all things fashion and beauty.

Where she likes to shop in Nashville: “I really love UAL. I always find really good designer deals there. I’m also a big fan of consignment stores, like Buffalo Exchange and FLIP. If you’re shopping at a department store, everyone’s buying all the same stuff. You get way more variety and there’s less of a chance that someone at a party is wearing the same dress as you.”

The best beauty advice she’s ever received: “At the beginning of my career, someone told me that if you learn how to do your own makeup you will save so much money. I started to experiment with it and found out that I just really love to do makeup. I have done mine for almost every red carpet I’ve ever walked.”

Three products she can’t live without: “I love the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream. It’s got 50+ SPF and it’s light enough that I can use it as a beauty cream or, if I put more on, I can use it as a foundation. I use black cherry Carmex obsessively. I probably have at least two in every purse. I just buy it in bulk on Amazon. And then the Aspen Extract Texture Spray by OGX. It’s a dry texture finishing spray for your hair.”

The worst fashion trend she’s experienced: “I think the worst fashion trend that I’ve participated in was probably the time period where everything had to have a brand on it. It had to say Abercrombie or Hollister, or Victoria’s Secret PINK. Some days I would be wearing Victoria’s Secret leggings with an Abercrombie sweatshirt and UGGs, and then some days I would be wearing a color block-like, all-pink outfit with matching pink heels and then a fake nose ring or something.”

Her favorite fashion trend: “One of my favorite fashion trends to come back is checkers. My old school Vans are my favorite. Vans kind of popularized that checkerboard pattern. That’s synonymous with them as a brand. Seeing it pop up in high fashion, and not just as part of a skater brand, is really, really cool.”

Kalie Shorr; Photo credit: Catherine Powell
Kalie Shorr; Photo credit: Catherine Powell

Her style icons: “Probably one of my biggest style icons, especially for this album, is Courtney Love. There was always something a little bit unsettling about her fashion, but it was there, it was intentional. She had the tiaras and the girly dresses. The album artwork for Open Book was heavily inspired by a photoshoot that Hole did for promotions for their Live Through This record.”                                              

Her favorite accessory: “I’m trying to be more of a bag person. I just started using Rent the Runway to test out nicer purses. But shoes… I will go all out on shoes. Jeffrey Campbell is probably one of my favorites, and I love the Dolls Kill brand. If you ever see any of my crazy shoes on stage, they’re typically Dolls Kill.”

How she describes her personal style: “I love the ’90s. I think there’s so much cool to be pulled from there. We’ve seen ’90s stuff come back pretty much every five years since it happened because it was such a huge time for fashion. I think glam, grunge, and edgy but still soft and feminine. It’s a very dichotomous style.”

Fans can get to know more about Kalie Shorr on her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels. Her tour schedule is available HERE.