Kane Brown Remembers Being Inspired by Lauren Alaina in Choir Class

If it weren't for Alaina, who knows where Brown would be in his music career?!

Written by Kelly Brickey
Kane Brown Remembers Being Inspired by Lauren Alaina in Choir Class
Lauren Alaina, Kane Brown

The likelihood of having someone in one of your classes at school who goes on to have a music career is slim to none. But to have two future country artists in one classroom is a once-in-a-lifetime dream for many!

Kane Brown and Lauren Alaina once shared that moment with each other before they hit the big time and Brown still can’t forget the boost of confidence Alaina gave to him. Taking choir during the same class period together in high school, the two got to know each other through their passion for music and it was Alaina that ended up encouraging Brown to try his hand at singing despite his shyness.

“I was in choir with Lauren Alaina, and I was always the shy kid in class, and she heard me humming a song one day and she was like, ‘No, you need to sing,’ and I said ‘I’m not singing,’ and she was like, ‘Well, we’re not leaving class until you sing.’ So, like everybody left class and me and her was just sitting in there and the teacher was like, ‘What’s going on?’ And she was like, ‘I want him to sing.’ And he was like, ‘Well, you need to sing I guess so y’all can leave.’ So, I ended up singing ‘I Can Only Imagine’ and she was just like, ‘See,’ and they made us do like a duet together,” he admitted recently.

With both of the young country stars finding success in the music business, it seems like their choir skills did just the trick to help them achieve their dreams.

“And then afterwards she went on to American Idol, and I always thought her voice was incredible. She did so good and they brought her in on a parade so like the whole town was you know praising her and everything. And I was just so happy for her and I was like this is something I want to do,” he said.

Brown’s self-titled debut album is available now. Fans can pick up a copy in stores or online.