Kassi Ashton Reminisces Upon Dark Upbringing in ‘California, Missouri’

Kassi Ashton used all of the negative and haunting experiences from her time in her hometown on her single, "California, Missouri."

Written by Kelly Brickey
Kassi Ashton Reminisces Upon Dark Upbringing in ‘California, Missouri’
Kassi Ashton; Photo courtesy UMG Nashville

Rather than wallow in the woes of her depressing upbringing as an outcast stuck in the Midwest wasteland, Kassi Ashton channeled her frustrations with her hometown in her song, “California, Missouri.”

From a young age, Ashton knew she was destined to pack up and leave her town for good. With her sights set on the music industry, she always stood out from the crowd of her sleepy town but never in a supportive manner. Having to deal with hate more than pride, Ashton penned the personal track in spite of all of the negative experience that made her feel lost and left out in the cold.

“This is the song I always knew I wanted to write. It’s an intro in to everything I am,” Ashton described. “I want the people who live here [California, Mo.] to hear it and know that I love them, but I also want them to know how bad it hurt. I also want them to realize that the hurt and the beauty is what made me who I am completely.”

Her raw and soulful vocal captivates the listeners on a bleak scale by honing in on the misery that Ashton felt growing up in her area. Sounding stranded as an outsider looked down upon by the crowds, the emotion exuding out of each somber line demonstrates the juxtaposition of her former life and the new one she strives to live every day as a singer/songwriter in Music City.

“California, Missouri” is just a preview of what’s to come from Ashton. Although her first record does not have a release date at this time, fans can expect similar haunting vibes throughout each track coming from Ashton’s anticipated collection.

“California, Missouri” is available for purchase and can be streamed through online services now.