Kassi Ashton Relives Hometown Glory In The New Video For ‘Field Party’

The song is in response to comments she received about her debut single, "California, Missouri."

Written by Lauren Laffer
Kassi Ashton Relives Hometown Glory In The New Video For ‘Field Party’
Kassi Ashton; Photo courtesy of BB Gun Press

Kassi Ashton released an energetic music video for her good-time anthem, “Field Party,” last week. The video finds the Missouri-raised singer and her real-life friends throwing an actual field party — that just happened to take place in front of cameras.

“We went until probably three in the morning,” Kassi tells Sounds Like Nashville of filming the video. “There was real beer in my hair; people were actually doing keg stands. At the end, all of us were like, ‘Wait, we should do this again without actually shooting it.’”

The video was directed by Kristin Barlowe, but Kassi gave creative input, including pushing to have real beer in the cans, making her own crop top for the video, and giving the partygoers inspiration for their outfits. She also put her extensive dance background to work in the video’s contagious dance sequence.

“I danced my entire life, starting at four years old,” she says. “[I did] competitive dance, classical ballet, hip-hop, modern, contemporary, everything but tap, all the way until I graduated high school . . . . because of that it was always important – I was like, ‘I want to dance in my music videos.’”

Co-written by Kassi and Luke Laird, “Field Party” was somewhat inspired by criticisms of an earlier single, “California, Missouri.” That song, named after her hometown, is a bittersweet story about leaving home and moving on. However, some people took it to mean that she left the hometown lifestyle behind for good. The song and accompanying video for “Field Party” are Kassi’s way of putting those criticisms to rest.

“Even though we learned not to read the comments, it could still hurt a bit,” she says. “I was like, ‘This is crazy. The people saying this don’t even know me.’ Do they think that I just moved away and forgot everything? Like I don’t go back and ride my dirt bike?  I don’t go back and go hunting with my dad? I don’t go back and drink beer with my dad? That’s still something that I love to do, and something I’m so happy I can go back to.”

Fans can catch Kassi taking her “Field Party” to the Faster Horses Festival in Brooklyn, MI on July 21. She’ll also be joining Maren Morris on her Girl: The World Tour, starting Sept. 5 in Wallingford, CT.