Katie Armiger Is Being Cyber Bullied

Written by Erin Duvall
Katie Armiger Is Being Cyber Bullied

Katie Armiger 2

“What is going on with Katie Armiger?” is a common phrase this week. The singer-songwriter, who turns 24 on June 23, is being cyber bullied, plain and simple.

By Wednesday, June 17, the Texas native had lost control of her Twitter and Facebook accounts. That evening, she took to Instagram to post a message in response to a statement by her record label head, and first cousin once removed, Pete O’Heeron, who told music industry professionals that the songstress “has decided to take a breather and decide her next career aspirations” and that her upcoming album (her fifth for the label) would be shelved. (Read the full statement via Country Aircheck HERE.)

“‘A breather? Quit country music? Leaving my career behind?’ Not my words, and certainly not my intention. I’ll be able to make an official statement soon..Love you all!” Katie wrote in that first Instagram post, which was deleted within 30 minutes of being posted.

Katie Armiger

So, Katie posted the message again. But the Instagram account had been hacked and she lost control of that account as well. By Thursday, June 18, the Texas native’s official Twitter account had been deleted. On Friday, June 19, a post surfaced on her official Facebook account stating, “Thanks to everyone who has ever helped me in my career…especially Cold River Records for their support over the past 9 years and my radio team who gave up their personal lives to promote my music…my eternal gratitude!!…We will get through this”

Katie Armiger

But here’s the thing, Katie didn’t write it. From her personal Facebook account, Katie commented on this post, writing, “I did not approve, nor post this. These are not my words. Please cease and desist communicating on my behalf.” She then shared the post on her personal page, writing, “I am outraged that statements are being made on my behalf that I have not authorized. I no longer have control of my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Sorry everyone.”

And then, in the wee hours of Friday (June 19) and Saturday (June 20), Katie’s private Facebook page was hacked and her post was deleted, as was the original post on the official Katie page. (CountryMusicIsLove is in possession of photos that chronicle these happenings but is choosing not to publish in order to keep Katie Armiger’s personal account private.)

CountryMusicIsLove and this reporter cannot speak to what brought on Katie’s separation from her record label. Nor can either party confirm who is currently in control of Katie Armiger’s social media accounts. However, we have been in contact with Katie who cannot make an official statement at this time.

Whether this a feud between a singer and her label or not, to have statements made fraudulently on your behalf and to have your own account hacked and modified is cyber bulling.