KB in the City: No Baked Cookie Dough

Nashville is getting the New York dessert trend treatment with the making of No Baked Cookie Dough hitting the streets of Music City.

Written by Kelly Brickey
KB in the City: No Baked Cookie Dough
No Baked; Photo by Wind and Gold Photography

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Let’s not kid ourselves: how many people actually buy cookie dough in the store to patiently wait 15 minutes for the sweets to bake and get disappointed when they don’t resemble the same tastes like your grandma used to make? No one!

Just a few months ago, the trend of opening up raw cookie dough shops blazed through the streets of New York City and beyond as the sweet tooth craze became the next big thing in the dessert world. Say goodbye to cronuts and rolled ice cream, and say hello to the sugar-high savior of raw cookie dough.

Haters of the scrumptious treat called out its potential threat of causing salmonella in the diets of those who wanted to indulge in dough, but this confection baked away all stereotypes by making egg-free versions of the kitchen classic to snack on without worry of getting ill. All of the flavors in No Baked’s list happen to be nut-free as well for all those harsh allergens many eaters avoid.

Louisville, Kentucky native Megan Beaven caught on to this Instagram-worthy idea after finishing up school in Nashville and decided to make it her own with the introduction of No Baked Cookie Dough into the Music City platform. The Belmont graduate knew just the perfect mix of sugar and spice and everything nice to whip up batches of the desired delight for happy customers all around town.

Starting small and turning into a true overnight success, No Baked launched after Beaven decided to quit her 9-to-5 music business job and she’s been rolling in the dough, quite literally, ever since. Opening up shop on order delivery apps like Postmates and random events held throughout the city, No Baked continues to make quite the impact on the dessert industry here in Nashville with clientele ranging from college kids to hungry celebrities.

At the moment, No Baked offers four basic flavors with more tasty inventions crumbing their way onto a menu for future storefronts in both Nashville and her hometown of Louisville. We got the scoop on each individual flavor and did an impromptu taste test to let readers prepare for the gooey goodness that No Baked provides with every bite!

Photo by Wind and Gold Photography

Photo by Wind and Gold Photography

For those with the classic palate…

You can never go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie! The No Baked version of this classic cookie dough didn’t overload on all the sugar like a normal store brand, which made for the nostalgic memories of baking in the kitchen at home with Mom. Giving an extra kick of the brown sugar-meets-maple aftertaste, it’s hard to not fall in love over and over with the most popular flavor on No Baked’s roster at the moment.

For those die-hard chocolate lovers…

Is there really ever such a thing as too much chocolate? For the double chocolate chip lovers, No Baked eased the cravings of the chocoholics by introducing a chocolate dough packed with chocolate chips in every taste of the treat. From first bite, the flavor sets in slowly with its ultra-rich yet not overwhelmingly sugary savor. Best part? It smells exactly like brownie batter and that already makes our mouths drool wanting more.

For those who embrace their inner child…

The world is full of rainbows and smiles when it comes to taking a bite of the confetti-filled sugar cookie flavor! (Did you catch the Mean Girls reference? Anyone? Alright, moving on.) With a buttery zest and sprinkles galore, no one would ever guess that this sugar cookie dough happens to be completely vegan! Being naughty (with your diet, that is) turns out to be quite nice as the old school take on this fan favorite for that well-balanced diet. At the end of the day, this vegan sugar cookie flavor will make anyone feel like a kid again!

For those looking for a refreshing sweet treat…

When I say that one bite of this flashes you back to the Andes mint obsession days, that is a complete understatement of this flavor. Combining the cooling sensation of a mint-based dough with the semi-sweet hints of chocolate chips made me believe it was truly Christmas all year round. (That’s a tad of an exaggeration, but nevertheless, it’s winter in a bite in the best way possible.)  But there’s a catch: the Mint Chocolate flavor isn’t available quite yet for delivery as it will be one of the exclusives at the No Baked stores opening very soon.

No Baked Cookie Dough can be purchased through Postmates in Nashville and at pop-up events held around the city. A six-ounce package of any flavor of dough costs $5 without delivery fees and taxes. The company plans to embark on a storefront approach by the end of the year, with hopes of expanding the business to bigger opportunities for their yummy future.