Keith Urban Sings of ‘Emotional Conflict’ in Cover of Marshmello’s ‘Happier’

We love Urban's take on the song!

Written by Lauren Laffer
Keith Urban Sings of ‘Emotional Conflict’ in Cover of Marshmello’s ‘Happier’
Keith Urban; Photo courtesy of PFA Media

Keith Urban’s love of music knows no bounds, so much so that when he was invited by Spotify to recreate one of his favorite songs he jumped at the chance. Stepping outside of his country genre lines, Urban put his own spin on the Marshmello dance/pop hit “Happier.”

“The first time I heard ‘Happier’ it spoke to me lyrically. Underneath that bad ass track there’s an incredible story of emotional conflict being told,” said the singer. “I could really relate to it and so I set about trying to frame that in my own way.”


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Recorded at the Sound Stage Studios in Nashville, TN, Urban sings “When the morning comes / When we see what we’ve become / In the cold light of day we’re a flame in the wind / Not the fire that we’ve begun / Every argument, every word we can’t take back / ‘Cause with the all that has happened / I think that we both know the way that the story ends,” in a more somber version of the original track.

Urban’s version of “Happier,” plus a new version of his song “Never Comin Down,” are featured as part of Spotify Singles, an ongoing series that features artists revisiting some of their original tracks while also creating unexpected covers of other songs from various genres.

The Australia native also recently stepped outside of genre lines when he combined forces with rapper Post Malone for the upcoming NBC special, Elvis All-Star Tribute. The two performed “Baby, What You Want Me to Do” for the telecast, which went so well that Urban is more than eager to work with Post Malone again outside of the special.

Listen to Urban’s Spotify Singles session below.