Keith Urban Talks Sexting, Performs ‘We Were Us’ on ‘Ellen’

Written by Lauren Jo Black
Keith Urban Talks Sexting, Performs ‘We Were Us’ on ‘Ellen’

Keith Urban on Ellen

Keith Urban dropped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” today. In addition to performing his latest single, “We Were Us,” the superstar spoke with Ellen about balancing his tour with “American Idol” and also opened up about how he and wife Nicole Kidman manage to keep in touch amid their busy schedules.

Urban told Ellen they almost always talk on the phone, except for the occasional text….err, “sex-text.”

“Maybe one cool kinda, ya know, a year…one of those kind of texts. Yes, one of those ones,” Urban said with a smile.

Ellen, played coy and asked, “What kind of texts? What do you mean?”

“Nice sex-texting,” he answered, looking a bit embarrassed. “Se-texting. I am a little red right now, isn’t that weird?”

Check out the hilarious interview below.

Keith Urban, Karen Fairchild - Ellen

Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild joined him on the show to sing “We Were Us,” filling in for Miranda Lambert. Check out their performance below.