Keith Urban Will Plan 2011 Tour Around His Family

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Keith Urban Will Plan 2011 Tour Around His Family

When Keith Urban starts planning his 2011 tour he will have two people in mind- his wife Nicole Kidman and their daughter Sunday Rose.

“I will structure my tour next year in such a way that I will be gone for three days, then home for three or four … then gone for two and home for two – never gone for weeks at a time,” Keith tells Australian newspaper, the Herald Sun. “I don’t want to be away from home, and I really believe that the shows benefit greatly from it — when I am up there playing, I really want to be there.”

Keith says his family has also helped shape his upcoming album Get Closer.

“I heard this song called ‘Without You’ and it just resonated with me,” he says. “And when people hear it they will totally think I wrote it because it’s extraordinary just how much it embodies my whole life. It was just one of the serendipitous moments where someone who had already written a song a while back and a friend of mine heard it and called me up and said, ‘You won’t believe this song – it’s almost as if it was written for you’. It went on the record very quickly.”

Keith says his family-life has also affected his songwriting.

“When we tend to be blissfully happy in love, we don’t really go and create all that much,” he says. “When I get into the creative process of writing songs, whatever is the strongest force in my life at the time is going to come out.”

Urban’s new album hits stores November 16.