Kelleigh Bannen is Fearless With Three-Song ‘The Joneses’ EP

'Happy Birthday' to us!

Written by Lauren Laffer
Kelleigh Bannen is Fearless With Three-Song ‘The Joneses’ EP
Kelleigh Bannen; Photo Credit: Alexa Kinigopoulos

For more than a decade, Kelleigh Bannen has dedicated herself to writing and recording songs that mean something to her. Now, the singer is back, giving fans a taste of her newfound boldness with the three-song EP, The Joneses.

“The pressure was really off when we wrote and recorded these songs,” said the songstress in a press release. “After I was dropped from my major label deal, a fearlessness set in as I really didn’t have anything else to lose.”

The songs, “John Who,” “Happy Birthday” and “The Joneses,” captured the attention of Sirius XM’s The Highway, the satellite station dedicated to promoting new and worthy artists within its platform. Together, Bannen and The Highway released each of the tracks to radio to be played throughout its rotation.

“When you’ve been at it for over a decade like I have been, it’s almost unheard of to get this kind of support as an unsigned female in Country… three songs and this much airplay out of the gate? It’s powerful,” she reflected.

Added J.R. Schumann, Senior Director of Programming for SiriusXM, “Going through Kelleigh’s new music, it became clear almost immediately that picking a ‘first single’ was going to be really tough…so we decided since all of the music is this great, why not just go with all three songs? So that’s exactly what we did.”

Kelleigh Bannen’s The Joneses EP is available for streaming or purchase now.

Kelleigh Bannen’s The Joneses:
“John Who”
Writers: Kelleigh Bannen, Will Bowen and Christopher Rafetto
Producer: Jaren Johnston

“Happy Birthday”
Writers: Kelleigh Bannen, Clair Douglas and Dallas Wilson
Producer: Jaren Johnston

“The Joneses”
Writers: Kelleigh Bannen, Todd Clark and Travis Wood
Producer: Todd Clark