Kellie Pickler: Beautiful

Kellie Pickler: Beautiful
There’s a lot more to Kellie Pickler than what meets the eye. At first glance, Kellie’s appearance seems to fit your typical blonde stereotype…she’s cute, skinny, blonde, and a little bit ditzy! (Sorry Kellie, but you are…and it’s fine, we are too!) But it doesn’t take a lot of searching to realize that Kellie is beautiful both inside and out.

As you may have heard, Kellie was raised by her Grandparents in North Carolina after being abandoned by her biological Mother. Her Father has been in trouble with the law for years and has been finding his way in and out of jail for much of Kellie’s life. While these troubles would be deservingly crippling for some people, Kellie has chosen to rise above the tough hand that was dealt to her and create the life of her dreams. She first rose to success on “American Idol” and found national airplay with her first single “Red High Heels.” Kellie’s second release, “I Wonder” focused on her emotional struggles from her childhood and placed her into the hearts of millions. Realizing Kellie’s story, many fans felt much more of a connection with Kellie…sure, America knew she was cute and had some talent, but now we were realizing that there was a bit more to this little peanut!! It really must have been a tough thing to release a song that so deeply details your personal struggles. While we all find comfort in listening to music, few of us have ever shared our struggles with millions of people by voicing our lives through lyrics. Kellie showed a lot of courage by releasing this song!

Her latest effort, “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful” is an AWESOME song! Once again, Kellie uses her voice to speak to the heart of her fans. The song speaks to Women of all ages and encourages us to find our own beauty from within. Although the opening verse hears of Kellie speaking to a teenage girl, the last line is ageless:

“Now I know you’d give anything, just to fit in
But your worth ain’t on a price tag, it comes from within.”

We’ve all heard the cliche’s about loving yourself, and that beauty comes from within, but hearing Kellie preach it through song automatically makes us roll down the window, crank up the radio, and find a little more confidence in ourselves than what we had when we started our day!

Another universal lyric comes towards the end of the song:

“So he left you for a girl who could be your twin, if you were 28 again,
Let him go, let him fly, keep your head up, get on with your life…”

We’ve ALL been there…we’ve all had our hearts broke before and how comforting it is to hear Kellie, who is so relateable that you’d almost consider her a friend, let you know that she’s been there too and that we can, and should, rise above it!

Kudos to Kellie for rising above her own hardships, and for delivering music to guide her fans through their’s!! This proves to us that Kellie Pickler is all-around BEAUTIFUL!!!