Kellie Pickler Believes That ‘There’s A Power In Our Words’

“There's nothing wrong with doing the right thing...”

Written by Jeremy Chua
Kellie Pickler Believes That ‘There’s A Power In Our Words’
WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 26: Country music artist Kellie Pickler attends the American Veterans Center’s "2019 American Valor: A Salute to Our Heroes" Veterans Day Special at the Omni Shoreham Hotel on October 26, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

Kellie Pickler has been a bright light in the entertainment world for many years. Priding herself in spreading positivity and “being a part of things that matter,” the Albermarle, North Carolina native helmed her daytime talk show Pickler & Ben with co-host Ben Aaron from 2017 to 2019, starred in her CMT feel-good reality TV show I Love Kellie Pickler, and been a guest on numerous TV shows such as The Ellen Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show and more.

Most recently, the avid military supporter was named a USO Global Ambassador after a whopping 12 USO tours completed.

Pickler is well aware of the large platform she’s been blessed with to make a positive impact in others’ lives, which is something she doesn’t take lightly. Outside of her various charitable efforts, the singer — best known for country hits such as “Best Days of Your Life, “Red High Heels” and “Tough” — tries to be a light in this world by being kind lifting others up with affirmations.

“I think we sometimes forget the power of our words. It’s no different than if someone calls you something that’s mean or says something ugly. There’s a power in that hurt,” Pickler tells Sounds Like Nashville in a recent catch-up interview. “But, there’s also a power in building someone up and saying things like, ‘That was a great show,’ ‘I’m so proud of you,’ or ‘you look so beautiful.’ There’s a power in our words.”

Another thing the benevolent 35-year-old also believes in is the power of prayer—which she admits, just like most people, is something she’s “strayed from at times.” 

“You know, we teeter-totter sometimes. But I’ve never been more put together than I am when I am prayerful and I have that relationship. I personally believe that our words do manifest certain things. I just always thought there’s power in prayer and in our words, especially when we say that out loud,” Pickler shares.

For Pickler, prayer is also more than just a personal thing. Reflecting further, she says she’s realized the impact it has not only on her life but the lives of those she interacts and shares a relationship with, including her husband, songwriter/producer Kyle Jacobs.

“I am a better me when I pray. And when I’m a better me, I’m a better neighbor, I’m a better wife, I’m a better sister, I’m a better person for my community- and the motive of my heart is in the right place.”

“Regardless of what you believe in, there’s nothing wrong with being kind with your words,” she adds with a smile. “There’s nothing wrong with doing the right thing.”