Kellie Pickler Gets Scared, Talks Trip to Japan on ‘Ellen’

Who knew something like a surprise from a geisha girl could scare the lights out of Pickler on the Ellen show?

Written by Kelly Brickey
Kellie Pickler Gets Scared, Talks Trip to Japan on ‘Ellen’

Boy, does Ellen DeGeneres know how to pull off an awesome scare! While she recently made Carrie Underwood nervously jump during her visit, Kellie Pickler received the same country treatment while visiting The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday (Sept. 27).

The country cutie stopped by the daytime television talk show to chat all things I Love Kellie Pickler and some other various adventures Pickler has been on. The two got to chatting about Pickler’s excursion to Tokyo and some of the memorable experiences she had during her visit, including her innocent social faux pas with the language and her late nights out on the town.

DeGeneres then turned her attention to the part of Pickler’s trip in which the country singer dressed up in the traditional Japanese garb to look like a gorgeous geisha girl. As Pickler began to truly relax into her storytelling and talk with the host, DeGeneres had a trick up her sleeve (or a geisha in her side table, more like it) to give Pickler a quick fright.

As the geisha actor ran off stage, Pickler try to become settled and yet still looked around in case they came back for a second scream. All the while, DeGeneres laughed at the plotted scare tactic and rolled the footage back for Pickler and the audience to indulge in one more time.

Be sure to check out the hilarious moment in the video above and watch the rest of Pickler’s visit on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today.