Kellie Pickler Is Committed to Serving the Troops: ‘Freedom Does Not Come Free’

"We need to come together and heal."

Written by Jeremy Chua
Kellie Pickler Is Committed to Serving the Troops: ‘Freedom Does Not Come Free’
Kellie Pickler; Photo Courtesy USO

Through the highs and lows of the entertainment business, Kellie Pickler has remained steadfast in one thing: her passion, respect and love for the U.S. military men and women. In a recent interview with Fox News, the 2021 USO Global Ambassador reflected that the Red, White and Blue means “everything” to her.

“I would not live the life that I live if it were not [for] those who went out there and served. […] We should all serve to a certain capacity. I do not wear the uniform, I’ve not made that ultimate sacrifice. But, I will serve those who serve, and I will show my support and appreciation to our veterans and our fallen and their families,” says Pickler, who also spoke out for Congress to build a memorial in the National Mall to honor “those who served selflessly” in the War on Terror.

“It is imperative, more so now than ever, that they know we do not take what they have done for granted. Freedom does not come free,” she adds. “I’m, again, blessed to be a part of something that matters. […] We need to come together and heal. This is the United States of America and we should be united.”

To date, the Albemarle, N.C. native has completed a total of 12 USO tours and visited 13 countries overseas (Afghanistan, Germany, Iraq, Poland, Kosovo, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Bahrain, Kyrgyzstan, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Norway), a ship at sea, and three domestic locations. The “Tough” singer has also brought home to the servicemen and women on five annual USO Holiday Trips with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as part of her 12 tours, which began in Iraq in 2007.

BNA recording artist Kellie Pickler joins the USO in honoring our nation’s real heroes with a week-long Memorial Day USO/Armed Forces Entertainment tour to the Middle East. Paying homage to those who have fallen, as well as those currently serving on the front lines, Pickler will dine with troops and perform to USO shows on Memorial Day. In the region on her fifth USO tyour, Pickler is visiting two countries in eight days and performing a total of five shows. (USO Photo by Steve Manuel)

Speaking with Sounds Like Nashville earlier this year, Pickler shared that she hopes to “unite people as one, be a voice for the broken, […] take care of others,” and help establish a community around the world in her new ambassadorial role.

“I know that’s a lot of things, but I think [that] community is so important, and [so is] looking out for one another and loving our neighbors,” the magnanimous songstress added. 

In fact, for the 35-year-old, the USO is more than just an organization or obligation. She considers them her “sanctuary,” just as they do of her. “I have built so many beautiful relationships in every place that we’ve been. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, they consider me to be family.”

To donate to the USO and get this year’s Official Uniform of the Military Supporter, visit For more information on the Give More Than Thanks initiative, click HERE. 

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