Kelly Clarkson Gets Delightfully Day Drunk with Seth Meyers

The two trade off as bartender, whipping up drinks called "the Blake Shelton," "the Simon Cowell" and many more unknown cocktails.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Kelly Clarkson Gets Delightfully Day Drunk with Seth Meyers
LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS -- Episode 645 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kelly Clarkson and Seth Meyers during "Seth and Kelly Clarkson Go Day-Drinking" on February 1, 2018 -- (Photo by: Lloyd Bishop/NBC)

Drunk words are sober thoughts when it comes to Kelly Clarkson and Seth Meyers hanging out for some casual cocktail sipping during a recent sketch.

The two took their alcohol neatly while hanging out in New York City together for a Late Night With Seth Meyers appearance. Rather than opt for a conventional sit-down interview, the talk show host decided the best way to get to know her was over a couple strong yet creative drinks.

Toasting the day with an easy beer, Meyers chugs his suds down to get the party started real fast. He then plays the role of the bartender, whipping up drinks like “the Simon Cowell” complete with hot sauce and vodka and “the Grammy” made of a special concoction and Werther’s Original candies. Clarkson also gets behind the bar to invent “the Blake Shelton,” with a whole lot of whiskey and a hint of b-a-n-a-n-a-s in honor of his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani.

By that point, the drunken pair decide to take the presidential aptitude test and their under the influence attitude skews the results a tad when Clarkson runs into trouble listing off words that start with ‘F’ on the quiz. Admitting to her blasted state, Meyers makes her feel better through an off-pitch rendition of her hit, “Since You Been Gone.” He even wins brownie points and laughs from Clarkson when he falls out of his chair as he messes up the words in coordination with falling out of the chair.

Polishing off their wasted bonding time together, the two yell embarrassing comments atop the roof of the building and instantly become best friends from experiencing this journey with one another. Nevertheless, they enjoyed their time and appreciated the fun before their hangovers hit hard probably in the morning.

Clarkson will take a seat as one of the coaches for season 14 of The Voice, which premieres Monday, February 26, on NBC.