Kelsey Lamb Releases Earnest ‘Where Do You Go’

Here's the first listen of Kelsey's new single...

Kelsey Lamb Releases Earnest ‘Where Do You Go’
Kelsey Lamb; Photo credit: Logen Christopher

Kelsey Lamb is asking a simple question in her new single, “Where Do You Go,” premiering exclusively on Sounds Like Nashville today. In the vulnerable song, Lamb sings to a romantic partner who has grown distant from too many nights on the town, asking “Where do you go when you go there?” The song was co-written by Lamb, Alex Dooley and Emily Rose, and the singer says she personally relates to the tune.

“I was in a weird headspace when I walked into the writing room with Alex and Emily the day this was written, and I felt like I could be super honest,” she told Sounds Like Nashville. “I’m glad I was. We were able to write a song that is genuinely me wondering what the thought process is of someone who tends to take things too far when it comes to alcohol – or, really, any vice.”

Lamb’s honest lyrics are paired with ambient electric guitar and a quiet beat in the first two verses before launching into the powerful chorus. Not only does Lamb relate to the song on a personal level, but she hopes it strikes a chord with her fans as well.

“’Where Do You Go’ is a song I’m really excited to have out in the world,” she says. “It’s a personal one, but also one that I think listeners will be able to find their own story in.”

The song follows several previous releases, including “Talk To Me,” “Who’s Counting” and “Girl At The Bar.” In 2016, Lamb released her debut single “Warning Sign,” which was featured on the Lifetime movie, Bad Stepmother.