Kenny Chesney Left And He “Ain’t Back Yet”

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Kenny Chesney Left And He “Ain’t Back Yet”

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Currently in the midst of putting the finishing touches on his 3-D movie, Kenny Chesney is also set to release new music in the coming weeks. “Ain’t Back Yet,” Chesney’s new single, will hit country radio on February 8, and Kenny says the song very much fits his life. The song begins “I heard a song ’bout a ramblin’ man, bought a guitar and I started a band/ I got a gig at the local Am Vet, I was gone and I ain’t back yet,” which is a story line that Kenny can certainly relate to. “That song is pretty much everything about what happened to me, especially with the music,” Chesney admits. “You get so focused on what you’re trying to accomplish, it takes over… and there’s nothing that’s going to come between you and your dream. For some people, it’s sports; for me, it was the music. You know, there’s a price you pay to do this, but look at what this is.”

Kenny continues to explain his relation to the song, saying “Or as the bridge goes, ‘Lookin’ back at the moments, black and white/ I wouldn’t change a thing that changed my life/ For the worse, for the better, man, I was gone, gone forever… The laughs, the smiles, the trails, the tears/ It’s hard to hate what got me here…’ Pretty much sums it up.”

“Ain’t Back Yet” is the lead single from Kenny’s studio album that’s due this fall.

In addition to his already busy schedule, Kenny is up for a Grammy Award this weekend for his duet with Mac McAnally, “Down The Road.”