Kenny Chesney Offers Instant Download with ‘Life on a Rock’ Pre-Order

Kenny Chesney Offers Instant Download with ‘Life on a Rock’ Pre-Order

While “Pirate Flag” is burning up country radio – becoming his 8th Top 25 debut and being named USA Today’s Song of the Week before it was released – the truth about Life On A Rock, the mostly self-penned new album from Kenny Chesney is that the album goes to a deeper, more contemplative place. To give fans a taste of what the rest of the album is like, the 4-time Country Music Association and 4-time Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year’s new album Life On A Rock, is now available for pre-order on the iTunes Store. Fans who pre-order the new album will instantly receive a download of the track “Lindy.”

“This was an album that was never intended to be an album,” Chesney says. “These were songs I’d written about moments that happened that I didn’t want to lose. They were for me, me and my friends, when I realized how many of them had slipped away forever…

“And the more I listened, the more I realized that everyone has these moments. Of remembering where and who you were, what you learned, how awesome it felt to be alive and in that moment – never thinking about what any of it meant. Whether you’re leaving high school for college, graduating and starting your life, getting married or a big job, losing a lover or someone close, those moments are when you realize what was. I figured I wasn’t alone, and this was probably the richest thing I could share with all those music fans living their life in my songs.”

As for “Lindy,” the lilting mid-tempo about a man who strolls “around and around and around and around,” the Luttrell, TN born singer/songwriter wrote that song 7 years ago to distill the sweet spirit of an island man who seemed to never have a home, yet was at home wherever he wandered.

“Everybody knew Lindy,” Chesney recalls. “You’d just see him, walking along, talking to himself… Never quite sure what or whether he knew what was going on, and yet, he always had a smile on his face, and sometimes you really would see him playing piano in the little church when nobody was watching. I don’t know why that one day I went home, and went, ‘Well, this is one of those moments and one of those people you don’t want to lose…’ So I started writing, and the song poured out.”

For people yearning to hear what this most personal album is all about, Life On A Rock is available for pre-order on iTunes HERE. Beyond the slamming anthem of insurrection right under everyone’s nose “Pirate Flag,” there’s the instant grat song “Lindy” and 8 more songs, delivered on April 30, weighing the transitions, evolutions, friendships and revelations that make us who we are.