Kenny Chesney Prepares “Summer In 3-D”

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Kenny Chesney Prepares “Summer In 3-D”

Kenny Chesney Summer In 3D

There’s one main thing on Kenny Chesney’s mind during these winter months right now: summer! Kenny is currently putting the final touches on his 3-D movie that will give music fans an up-close and personal look at the annual trek of the ‘King of Summer.’ Looking at all of the video footage of his stadium shows has given Kenny time to reflect on two things that dictate his summers: the music and the fans.

“All of a sudden, I’m hearing the music all around me… and then when I saw the images up on that giant screen… all I could think of were all the lives that had come together to get me to that point,” the obviously moved singer/songwriter from Luttrell, TN said standing outside the soundstage. “I’ve been looking at this footage for months now… in both 2-D and 3-D, so I know it pretty well. But when you see it like that, especially when you see the fans’ faces looking out from the screen… Well, you see the people singing along, reaching up, clapping along – and it just hits you: these aren’t people who’re here because they like the songs. They’re here because they believe in what we’ve built, too… because they were a big part of this: telling their friends, coming back, playing me in their trucks, on the way to things that were such a part of their lives. To see that kind of passion… To be able to really see those faces where I can just stand there and take it all in… Now that is something I don’t see very much, and I go to a lot of shows, and watch a lot of crowds, but the folks who come out for us, well, it’s something I can’t explain, but I can’t wait for the fans to get to see themselves, to get to see what me and the guys get to see every night! It’s cool…”

With a national opening April 21, Chesney is under the gun to get all the editing and sweetening done in time for the prints to be manufactured. Though the process can be tedious, Chesney says that his time in California has really kicked him into overdrive.

“Anyone who knows me knows I’m not afraid of the work – and I very much care about the quality of what I do,” he explains. “Some things are harder than others… Some things take more time… But honestly, I can’t think of very many things I’ve been as fired up about finishing and getting out to the fans. The places these cameras go, the way the songs and the people are captured… This truly is closer than you can get with a ticket, but it’s also the chance to see things from a perspective that’s not just mine, but where none of us could ever go…”