Kenny Chesney Prepares “Sun City Carnival”

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Kenny Chesney Prepares “Sun City Carnival”

(Kenny Chesney tailgating w/ fans)

Tickets to Kenny Chesney’s annual concert at Boston’s Gillette Stadium will go on sale to the public this Saturday, and while fans are busy buying their tickets, team Chesney is hard at work for what will be billed as the “Sun City Carnival.”

As Kenny looks ahead to next summer, he took a moment to reflect on 2008’s tour, saying “The last night of the tour is always a mixed thing – because you’re exhausted and ready to be done, but at the same time, you’re in such a groove and the music is SO good, you don’t wanna stop. And then we go off to the islands and kick back, try to re-enter life after the road in a way that’s as much fun as leaving behind those amazing crowds can be…and that’s one of the thing that you realize: these are – just like for the people in the parking lots – some of the most important times you can have.”

So why call it the “Sun City Carnival?” Kenny says “Sun City Carnival pretty much sums up what we do on any given date. Because if you hit a parking lot at any one of our shows, you’re gonna find people grilling out, people blasting their radios, people hanging with their buddies – some who come together from all over, just because it’s so much a part of how their friendship was formed. To me, when you’ve got that much fun in the parking areas, it’s a lot for me and the guys to match that when we hit that stage. But we hear everybody partying…in the afternoon…we hear the fun they’re having, so when we get out there, we wanna be part of it too! We wanna rock those kids as hard as they rock us long before they ever see us…and we want people going home feeling they just got the very best taste of summer. To me, that’s what a Sun City Carnival is all about.”

Team Chesney declares “the man who proclaims summer for an entire nation is ready to throw a concert that’s alive as he is.”

How about you guys – will any of you be attending the Sun City Carnival?