Kenny Chesney Reveals 30-Song ‘Live in No Shoes Nation’ Track List

Chesney's new live album will feature a number of special guests, including Eric Church, Taylor Swift, and Zac Brown Band. 

Written by Lauren Jo Black
Kenny Chesney Reveals 30-Song ‘Live in No Shoes Nation’ Track List
Kenny Chesney; Photo courtesy Essential Broadcast Media

Kenny Chesney is known for his one-of-a-kind live shows, so it’s only fitting that the superstar would follow up his 2006 live album with another one more than a decade later.

Releasing October 27, Chesney’s Live in No Shoes Nation will include a whopping 30 tracks from the last 10 years of his live shows.

The idea to release another live album came when Chesney was listening back to some of his live recordings and noticed how the songs seemed to take on a whole new life as the fans sang along to every word with him.

“You record songs, you put’em on a record,” Chesney explains. “You know, people think it stops there. Even when it’s on the radio, that’s really between the listener and their life. But when you have people in your life like No Shoes Nation, I’ve come to believe, we figure out what these songs really mean when we get out there on the road and sing’em together!”

“So as I was listening to some of these tapes, I decided: they’re as much the people who’ve been coming out to the shows as anybody’s,” he continued. “I shouldn’t be the only one listening – and that sent me down a tube into all these summers out there rocking. When I told the record company how many songs, they thought I’d lost my mind… And that was before we added ‘Young,’ which really started and defined this chapter, to the list!”

Live in No Shoes Nation will feature a variety of special guests, including Eric Church, Mac McAnally, David Lee Murphy, Old Dominion, Grace Potter, Taylor Swift and the Zac Brown Band.

“No Shoes Nation not only knows no boundaries, we love all kinds of music,” the Tennessee native allows. “It’s why Grace Potter is as loved as Eric Church, why David Lee Murphy gets the same response as Zac Brown and his guys. We love life, we love music and we all really love each other!”

Chesney has been laying low throughout much of 2017, but will return to the road later this month with back-to-back shows at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. on August 25 and 26.

Live in No Shoes Nation Track Listing: 

  • Flora–Bama
  • Summertime
  • Big Star (with Taylor Swift)
  • Boston
  • When I See This Bar (with Eric Church)
  • No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems
  • Anything But Mine
  • Down The Road (with Mac McAnally)
  • Guitars And Tiki Bars
  • Hemingway’s Whiskey
  • Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (with Zac Brown Band)
  • I’m Alive
  • Save It for a Rainy Day (with Old Dominion)
  • Pirate Flag
  • Somewhere With You
  • I Go Back
  • One Step Up
  • American Kids
  • You And Tequila (with Grace Potter)
  • Young
  • There Goes My Life
  • Out Last Night
  • Dust On The Bottle (with David Lee Murphy)
  • Coastal
  • The Boys of Fall
  • Noise
  • Old Blue Chair
  • The Joker / Three Little Birds (with Dave Matthews)
  • Happy on the Hey Now