Kenny Chesney Goes Hard During Workouts When He Hits the Gym

His trainer of 17 years makes sure his physical abilities go beyond the limits of a stage show.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Kenny Chesney Goes Hard During Workouts When He Hits the Gym
Kenny Chesney, Photo by Allister Ann

Kenny Chesney may take it easy when he hits the beach during his island retreats, but that always comes after a tough workout session when he breaks a sweat at the gym.

Making health and fitness a priority months before he even steps foot onto those stadium stages, Chesney likes to feel well-prepared in his physical state. Although restriction comes with a difficult set of cravings, the singer cuts himself off of all booze and the sugary stuff to make sure he takes in the cleanest meals of energy.

“Before I go on the road, I don’t have any alcohol. I don’t eat carbohydrates after 5. So I’m so healthy preparing to go on the road just to get into shape. You know, it takes a lot of work to get in them show jeans,” Chesney revealed on The Bobby Bones Show.

Another big factor in his routine comes with the shredding at the gym. Chesney admits that he only works out an hour a day leading up to tour, but his trainer makes sure it’s one of the hardest hours for the Tennessee native to get through. By shaping his cardio set-up to match the intensity of his live sets, Chesney pumps through to prove to the fans later in the year that he is ready to entertain all night long.

“I’ve had the same trainer for 17 years now,” Chesney said. “His name is Daniel, and Daniel and I have been working together forever. But this is the time of the year where I don’t really like him very much. It’s really tough. For me to go up there and get in shape to do what I do on stage, especially in the stadium environment, I have to work very hard.”

Chesney will head out on the Trip Around the Sun Tour 2018 this summer, which fans can find tickets to stadium shows on his website now.