Kenny Rogers Shares Retirement Plans

One of the first things Rogers plans to do when he retires is to buy a new home with more land for his teenage sons. 

Written by Lauren Laffer
Kenny Rogers Shares Retirement Plans
Kenny Rogers with wife Wanda Miller; Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images

For more than 70 years, Kenny Rogers has entertained fans worldwide with his stand-out voice and unforgettable songs. Now, at age 79, the singer has decided to enjoy a well-deserve retirement and spend more time at home with his wife and kids.

After participating in a farewell concert in Nashville that brought together many of country music biggest stars, the legendary singer will wrap his The Gambler’s Last Deal: Christmas & Hits Tour in mid-December. At that time, he’ll take a step back and enjoy all life has to offer. His first plan during his retirement, however, is downsizing his house for a smaller one.

“We’re thinking about right now… we have a huge house and it’s hard for me to get around. We’re thinking about selling our house and buying a smaller house on a larger piece of property so the boys can go outside,” Rogers told Sounds Like Nashville and other media recently.

More room for his 13-year-old twins is something Rogers hopes will help expend some of their rambunctious energy.

“They’re at that noise making age. I don’t care what they do, they’re into scaring everybody. They walk around, they walk and they go, ‘Boo.’ I said, ‘Don’t you ever do that to me. I might not jump, I’ll fall.’ They just love it. I said, ‘When are you going to outgrow that?’ They go, ‘I don’t know,’ and they don’t. I mean they’re big boys, but they’re only 13, and I have to remember that,” he said with a laugh.

The Gambler’s Last Deal: Christmas & Hits Tour will wrap December 17 in Glens Falls, NY. After that, performance dates for the legendary entertainer will come few and far between with his next scheduled appearance at the Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California, taking place April 27-29 2018.