Kree Harrison Reveals a Personal Side with New Album, ‘Chosen Family Tree’

"Blood isn't always thicker than water..."

Written by Leslie Armstrong
Kree Harrison Reveals a Personal Side with New Album, ‘Chosen Family Tree’
Kree Harrison; Photo credit: Ford Fairchild

Country singer-songwriter Kree Harrison tributes her close friends in the new album, “Chosen Family Tree.” The collection of music weaves in autobiographical information of the performer, who moved to Nashville at ten years old. Harrison describes the title track as a “love letter” to her circle of friends, whom she refers to as a chosen family. 

“[The record] is to a puzzle piece of me, and I feel like all of the songs complement each other … dynamically,” she explains. “…Sometimes blood isn’t always thicker than water.”

In the weeks leading up to the release, Harrison previewed several songs, including the track she co-wrote with Trent Dabbs and Joey Hyde, titled “Lie With Me.” The vulnerable lyrics portray the human need of being wanted with lines, Just say that I am the only one you’ll ever need/ Tonight you and I let’s pretend this isn’t make-believe.” Harrison’s pure vocals resonate on the song’s melodic hook.

“I woke up that morning with that melody in my head,” she says. “It’s always fun to have a double meaning … we just kind of ran with it.”

Harrison co-produced the album alongside her industry friends, Jordan Lehning and Skylar Wilson. Coinciding with the album’s theme, Harrison described her longtime connection with the two professionals, saying, “I worked with [Wilson’s] dad, Wally Wilson when I was younger. He was my first producer. [Both Wilson and Lehning] are like brothers and work so well together; it was a dream to be able to produce this record with them.” 

Additionally, the American Idol alum paid tribute to her Texas roots by including the Waylon Jennings cover, “The Chokin’ Kind.” The production features horns as Harrison adds her twist on the 1969 classic.

Even Harrison’s fiancé — a graphics designer, was included in the creative process. “Any artwork or single covers … I’ll dream up [the design], and we will work together,” Harrison shares. 

Kree Harrison; Photo credit: Ford Fairchild

You can stream “Chosen Family Tree” here. Find more information on Kree Harrison at

Track Listing:
1.    Nothing In This World
2.    I Love the Lie
3.    Stone Cold
4.    Make It Easy
5. That’s How Hearts Get Broken
6.    The Chokin’ Kind
7.    Second Choice
8.    Get Away With Anything
9.    The End of the World
10.  Lie With Me
11.  Mother (John Lennon)
12.  Chosen Family Tree