Kristian Bush’s Nashville Favorites

Kristian Bush may spend much of his time in Atlanta these days, but he still has his favorite hot spots for whenever he's visiting Nashville.

Written by Cillea Houghton
Kristian Bush’s Nashville Favorites
Kristian Bush; Photo credit: Joseph Llanes

Though Kristian Bush spends much of his time in Atlanta, he’s still a loyal Nashvillian. As one half of beloved duo Sugarland, Bush has spent more than a decade in Nashville making music, providing him with ample opportunity to explore all that the city has to offer. When it comes to local haunts, Bush’s tastes are as diverse as his musical style, citing a classic record store to an upscale new oyster bar amongst some of his go-to spots.

Here are Kristian Bush’s Nashville Favorites:

Henrietta Red: “I’m an oyster guy. I’m there for martinis and oysters.”

1200 4th Ave. N /

Edgehill Café: “Where else do I like to hang out? The coffee [shop], Edgehill Café.”

1201 Villa Place #101 /

Vui’s Kitchen: “Sometimes I go to the Vietnamese place, which is called Vui’s. I get the bone broth a lot.”

2832 Bransford Ave /

Grimey’s: “Besides the fact that you get to buy records there, I like the active culture of disinterested people behind the counter. These guys are the quintessential reason that we have people who know so much about music. Nashville has such a vocabulary musically that people underestimate. When I go to the local section, there’re like seven punk bands I’ve never heard of in my whole life, and I love it.”

1604 8th Ave. S /

First Tennessee Park (Nashville Sounds): “I love the baseball stadium, I have to say. I live a couple blocks from there, and we’re almost back in the season. I just got my tickets and I am super excited for the Sounds this year.”

19 Jr. Gilliam Way /