Kylie Frey Sings About Lost Love In ‘One Night In Tulsa’

What she wouldn't give for just one more night...

Kylie Frey Sings About Lost Love In ‘One Night In Tulsa’
Kylie Frey; Photo credit: Rachael Mason

Kylie Frey released her new single, “One Night In Tulsa,” Friday (10/18). The tune is about a woman longing to spend one more night with a lost love even if the relationship wasn’t perfect.

“This song came from a really lonely time in my life,” Frey tells Sounds Like Nashville exclusively. “It’s just about having to make a decision, and in your heart you’d give anything for one more night, but knowing that you can’t move forward with the person.”

The lyrics, written by Frey, Neal Coty, and Thom McHugh, clearly display the desperation of missing someone. In the chorus, Frey sings, “I’d ride a buck wild mustang bare back with no reins / I’d take a barefoot walk across Arkansas / I’d spend a month in the desert just to be together for one night in Tulsa.”

The emotive lyrics of the song are paired with the Louisiana native’s smooth southern voice and traditional country instrumentation, a style of music Frey says comes naturally to her.

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“My roots are planted in ‘80s and ‘90s country,” she says. “I grew up with Shania Twain and the Dixie Chicks, which were more ‘90s. Then, growing up and digging back on my own, I fell in love with Jessi Colter and Pam Tillis and Dolly Parton and all of those ladies. The sounds that came from those decades are the ones that continue to inspire me.”

In addition to listening to country legends, Frey spent her childhood in Opelousas, LA competing in rodeo with her family. She became a rodeo champion in high school, and got her start in music by singing the National Anthem at rodeo competitions. She eventually left the rodeo world to pursue music in Nashville, but she made sure to bring some valuable lessons from the arena along on her journey.

“I could not be living in Nashville, doing this interview, being onstage, doing the things that I’m doing if I hadn’t grown up in this sport,” Frey says. “Being a rodeo queen really shaped me for this because stage fright is definitely a thing, and I had to learn how to interview, and I had to learn how to be onstage and give a speech. I was being groomed for the job that I have now before I even knew it.”

Prior to “One Night In Tulsa,” Frey’s music made its way to the Texas music scene, which led to a duet with Randy Rogers called “Too Bad.” Frey also competed on USA’s singing competition, Real Country, last year, where she received mentorship from one of her idols, Shania Twain.