An Ex-Boyfriend Inspired Lacy Cavalier to Write ‘Every Time It Rains’

Lacy Cavalier let go of any insecurities she had about a former flame in order to write her current single, "Every Time It Rains."

An Ex-Boyfriend Inspired Lacy Cavalier to Write ‘Every Time It Rains’
Lacy Cavalier; Photo courtesy Champ Management

Despite the fear of becoming completely vulnerable within the true-life lyrics, Lacy Cavalier opened up about the feeling of missing a former love in the song, “Every Time It Rains.”

Cavalier headed into a writing session with legendary Nashville songwriter, Cary Barlowe, when she immediately felt the nervous wave of energy rush over her body. Although she thought she was coming into the room unprepared for the creativity process before her, the up-and-coming singer revealed her lonely moment of regret, which spurred itself into a chorus and so much more.

“I was sad, I was missing my ex, and all this stuff. I sent this text message to him and was just like, ‘I miss you.’ So, the next day I was walking into the write with my head down, just regretting this text message and whatever. The night before I had written down in my notes something to the effect of the fact that when it rains or when it’s cold or what not, how a broken bone aches and how we can directly correlate that to a heart and how when our heart breaks, any time it’s cold or rainy or anything happens, I feel like we just want that person or we just get sad or get gloomy. So, I said that to them and it was the first thing I said and they were like, ‘That’s our chorus!’ The song just kind of birthed itself and it was the first song that I wrote with the new style of music that I’m doing,” Cavalier explained to Sounds Like Nashville about the song.

Hoping to embody a different vibe compared to her original sound when she first started out, Cavalier latched on to the soul and the emotion of the track. The relatable factor also weighed heavily on her heart, which made her realize that “Every Time It Rains” would be the best song to send out to her fans who could experience the same hollow feeling after a breakup.

“It’s more soulful. I really wanted to dance and I wanted people to be able to move to it. I’ve never had a song like that, so it just felt right. We knew in the room that day that it was special,” she said.

“Every Time It Rains” is available to stream now.