Lady A To Release ‘On This Winter’s Night (Deluxe)’ Christmas Album

They have several new songs on their acclaimed Christmas album.

Lady A To Release ‘On This Winter’s Night (Deluxe)’ Christmas Album
Lady A; Cover Art Courtesy of BMLG Records

Lady A are getting in the holiday spirit by going back to 2012 and revamping their 12-track On This Winter’s Night Christmas album. They will release On This Winter’s Night (Deluxe) on October 30th, which will feature four new songs for the holiday season. On the new version of the album, Lady A recorded their own renditions of Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime,” The Beach Boys’ “Little Saint Nick,” and Ray Charles’ “The Spirit of Christmas.” The project will also feature an original song called “Christmas Through Your Eyes,” which the group wrote about the experience of watching their children enjoy Christmas.

“When I think back to that original [album], we didn’t have children yet,” the group’s Dave Haywood told a group of reporters, including Sounds Like Nashville. “We wrote [‘Christmas Through Your Eyes’] with just the three of us, which was really the way we started as a band, so that was a special moment and something that only could have happened at this point in time in our lives and our careers.”

The group’s Charles Kelley explained that the three cover songs were chosen because they have not been covered extensively by other artists in the past. The Ray Charles song, “The Spirit of Christmas,” is especially rare.

“It’s really crazy because if you’ve ever seen Christmas Vacation, you remember the scene when Chevy Chase gets locked up in the attic and he’s playing the little reels?” says Kelley. “Well, there’s this Ray Charles song called ‘The Spirit of Christmas,’ and you can’t even find it anywhere, but if you go on the internet you can find a YouTube clip of it. It’s such an amazing song, and Ray Charles is just one of my idols, so I said, ‘Man, I’ve always wanted to try this.’”

While Christmas and the holiday season may look different for many people around the world due to the pandemic, Lady A say they are especially looking forward to getting together with family and friends for the holidays this year.

“With so much this year, we just appreciate it even more,” says Kelley. “Especially in a crazy year like this, to have everybody together — I’m going to definitely have a lot of family that I haven’t gotten to see a lot throughout the year coming into Nashville. Just to have those moments together, I think you’re going to appreciate it even more.”

“And relationships,” adds the group’s Hillary Scott. “Whether your family lives far away or whether it’s just because you’re trying to be as safe as possible through this time with COVID, social distancing, and all of that. My heart is just yearning for connection and memories being made with people I love, friends and family, and so I just keep praying that it’s possible and safe at that time and that we can just cherish each other and being together.”