Lady Antebellum Releases New Single, “American Honey”

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Lady Antebellum Releases New Single, “American Honey”


After spending a record five consecutive weeks at No.1 on the Billboard Top Country Songs chart with their smash hit “Need You Now,” Lady Antebellum released the second single, “American Honey,” from their forthcoming sophomore album Need You Now to radio today.

“I think everyone, man or woman, it doesn't matter, you get to a place in your life when you really miss the simplicity of growing up. I'm only 23 years old, but as things in our lives get crazier, there's moments in time where I'm like, gosh, it would be great to just go back to when I was playing hide and go seek with my neighbors or laying on the screened-in porch in my aunt's house -going back to the smells and the sights and all those things,” shares Hillary Scott. “That's what I loved about this song…the nostalgic thing. It just has this sweetness to it, and it warms your heart.”

The trio’s highly anticipated sophomore album hits stores January 26.